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Release Notes


Happy Holidays! Moving Analytics is rounding out the year with a slew of improvements and bug fixes designed to make working together easier both within and between programs.


Account Configuration
  • Risk Factors can be included/excluded as needed
  • Chronic Conditions/Comorbidities can be included/excluded as needed
  • Indications for CR/Primary Indications can be included/excluded as needed
  • Standing Orders has been added in preparation for upcoming patient workflow features
  • Custom Patient Disclaimers are now stored and sent in the standard new patient email
  • Basic Whitelabeling has been added for branding on the product
CCM Reports
  • Customers can access a new CCM program complete with eligibility screening, action tracking and report generation including the suggested reimbursement.
Internal Chat
  • Clinical staff can now chat with each other, including sending hyperlinks to specific patients.
Resource Center
  • Clinical staff now have access to a Resources page with access to product training videos, educational material, release notes and other resources with more to come.
Print Care Plan
  • Clinical staff can now print Care Plans as take-home documents for patients.
New User Newsletter Subscription
  • New clinical users can now stay up to date with the latest industry news, product updates and resources.


  • Fixed an issue where users would see old Moving Analytics branding when printing forms
  • Fixed an issue where older versions of Android and iOS would state that the app was incompatible
  • Fixed a few issues where patients might see strange values in the input field while tapping native Android UI buttons
  • Fixed a an issue where fractional units were being accepted for smoking
  • Fixed a few issues related to step logging and display


v3.5.0 is upon us and with it comes a slew of minor experience improvements and bug fixes, along with some additional data points. Our biggest feature is also borne from customer requests and is a big improvement to our Care Schedule upgrade path for individual patients, but here's some of the other stuff included in the September Release:


Care Schedule Version Control
  • A Care Schedule Version History is visible from the Site dashboard that tracks plan changes. It pairs with the Care Schedule Update feature on patient profiles for advanced patient management including cohort analysis and Care Schedule performance evaluations.
Patient Data
  • Added Blood Glucose as a configurable data point to the app, dashboard and patient progress reports
  • Added Steps as a configurable data point to the app, dashboard and patient progress reports, distinguished by activity type
CCM Modules
  • Patient sessions now automatically-generate documentation based on work completed to support documentation requirements for CCM-coded sessions
Touch ID
  • Add a toggle for patients to enable/disable Touch ID in-app from Settings


  • Fixed an issue where the app's chat bar might overlap the visible text area on Android
  • Fixed an issue where the app might prevent some users from proceeding after hitting threshold limits
  • Fixed an issue where the app would not display disclaimer text at the end of a symptom report
  • Fixed an issue where the app might prevent some users from proceeding after hitting threshold limits


The team has been hard at work improving the platform to v3.4.0 with our partners and customers, focused heavily on workflow and documentation improvements for patient progress reports as well as overall program health reports. Here's a list of (some of) what is included in the August Release:


Roles & Permissions
  • Improved role specialization with the ability to add/remove permissions to/from individual users
User & Patient Data
  • Added more user specialities via new credentials
  • Added a different contact modality for users, differentiating two-factor auth from patient contact
  • Improved compliance score display for patient data
CCM & Time Logging
  • Added time spent per session, total and reporting features to support documentation requirements for CCM-coded sessions
  • Improved display to include cross-browser, various app and multi-platform display, including plain text
  • Added customizable patient progress reports, including supporting features for display, saving/printing and forward to additional care team members
  • Added ability for care management staff to send the same message to multiple patients


  • Fixed an issue where editing patient information would sometimes display old data until a refresh
  • Fixed an issue where the app might warn a user on patient creation
  • Fixed an issue where missing only the last name could generate an error message
  • Fixed an issue where the affected users at a site would display an incorrect total while editing a role
  • Fixed an issue where permissions could duplicate in the permission group when continuously repeating steps

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