Complete cardiac rehab from home.


Here's how it works.

Baseline & Training

We'll tell you more about the program, complete enrollment, and then complete a clinical evaluation. The result is a program tailor-made for you.


Activity Logging & Check-ins

The app is a direct link to your care manager, who will be reviewing the vitals you're logging, any symptoms that you've reported, and any other concerns you may have each week.


After a final interview with your care manager, you'll receive your plan for the future and continued app access, so that you're empowered to maintain your healthy lifestyle.



Things patients actually appreciate

Lower Rehab Costs

Many patients struggle with the copays required to participate in cardiac rehab, especially when considering that it is typically three times a week for twelve weeks. Our program is often covered fully by insurance, leaving little to no out-of-pocket expense for you.

Fewer Visits

Taking time off of work to attend cardiac rehab can be difficult, and attending three times a week during work hours for twelve weeks is a unique scheduling difficulty for most. Our program requires few to zero in-person visits, making it more convenient for you to participate.

Less Commuting

Transportation can be a significant barrier with traditional cardiac rehab. Commuting can be time consuming, costly, unavailable, unsafe, and often complicated by weather. Our program lets you to participate from home, eliminating most, if not all, commuting - so you are free to participate.


Empathy Guiding Expertise

Our shared mission is to conquer cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death by empowering people with tools to adopt healthy lifestyles.

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